Translation Shop in Japan

Since 1982

For All Customers who Want and Search 
a Technical English-Japanese Translator

TECH-EN is an English-Japanese technical translation company.

Especially, you will be much satisfied with the Tech-Translation from English to Japanese and

vice versa.  Because I, a pure Japanese Technical Translator, 
can offer you the exact Industrial

Translation immediately with plenty of experience and expertise, and also with the unbelievable

lowest charge.  Actually, I have been working as a trading manager of mechanical/electronic

makers and trading companies in Japan.  In order to make new contracts, I have visited various

types of manufacturers and traders in Asian countries, European and U.S.A approx. 30 times.

So, I have been able to watch and learn by myself the job site of engineers and how to

manufacture and assemble products in the up-to-date technical fields all over the world.

For Technical Translation, you should depend on me without any hesitation just right now.

Translation Fields:  Information Technology (IT), CNC machine tools (machining centers,

                           lathes, grinders, etc.), Semiconductor chip fabrication machines,

                           Industrial robots, Unmanned conveyance/warehouse systems, TV sensors,

                           Automobiles, Construction equipment, W.E.S. low-frequency massage   

                           devices, Vacuum cleaner, Common home electronics, etc.

Translation Styles:  Instruction manuals, Operation manuals, Maintenance manuals,

                           Product catalogs, Company guides,  Contract sheets, Trade documents,

                           Technical patent documents, Meeting documents, National universities'

                           research and lecture papers, etc.    

Translation Charge:   English to Japanese: US10 / 100 English words 

                            Japanese to English: US5 / 100 Japanese characters 

Translation Samples:  (A) English to Japanese

                             (B) Japanese to English

For further details of order, contract and additional charge, contact me by E-mail soon:

Mr. Fumio Shimokubo, President & Translator

TECH-EN Co., Ltd.

Office Address:  17-15 Sakuradai, Okagaki-machi, Fukuoka 811-4217, JAPAN


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